Sunday, 12 February 2017

Powertex Workshop

I've had very little time for crafting recently what with the building work and planning our trip to Kolin. We've bought our new suitcases and booked our flights for 29th March - eeek! There is so much to do before then I'm beginning to feel a little overwhelmed. Partway through making the cards I need to before we go - well actually sorting out ones that are in the box that will be suitable - and getting them written. A couple of special ones need to be made though. I did start some painting but my back's been giving me grief so not much done on that front. Blimey - choosing colours is difficult enough. OH says he's happy with whatever I choose so how come he didn't like the red I chose for one wall in the bedroom? Magnolia here we come!

I did take some time out yesterday to go to a Powertex workshop in Eastleigh yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I made two hearts. This is the first:

Not sure why the left side ended up so flat

On the second one I can't make up my mind about the LOVE so haven't stuck it down yet

On the plus side, I've found somewhere in Prague that does Powertex classes. I've sent them an email to ask if it would be possible for me to join in with my extremely limited Czech (being able to ask for 2 beers hardly counts) so I'll wait and see what they say