Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My Darling Millie

Our beautiful darling passed away this morning at the vets. The operation was just too much for her to take.
 God Bless you Millie Mo. xxx


  1. Oh Kimbo i am so so sorry darlin. Rest in Peace little Millie, beautiful girl. Godbless Clare, Bert & Simone xxxx

  2. I'm so sorry Kim. She was a beautiful looking cat and I know how much she meant to you. Having lost cats - and dogs - of our own I can sympathise but to lose them the way you've lost Millie well, I can only imagine. Sending you loads of hugs.

  3. What a beautiful cat she was. So sorry for you. Sending you lots og love and hugs.

  4. I am so sorry Kim,she was a lovely looking cat.Sending lots of hugs.
    Sue x