Sunday, 4 September 2016

IndigoBlu Poppies

When I got back from holiday a couple of weeks ago I received a lovely email from Nikki at IndigoBlu saying that my poppy cards had been chosen in the top 3 and would I like to make something for the reminder post for the next challenge which is Bright and Beautiful

I started off with this canvas which had a couple of marks on it and was destined for the bin at the charity shop where I work so of course it came home with me. It's a good job I only work one day a week or I'd be over run with "rubbish"

I couldn't find my paints so I used a small tester pot of emulsion that was left over from decorating and was going to give it two coats but I liked the way the pattern still showed slightly after the first coat

I had these pages left over from a previous project so decided to use my Poppies again

I finished with some gilding flakes to give a bit of bling

IndigoBlu Poppy Meadow stamps
IndigoBlu Wild Meadow stamps

There's plenty of time left for the challenge so why not pop over and have a look - Bright and Beautiful


  1. Oh WOW! What a transformation - just beautiful! xx

  2. This is beautiful! I don't know how I have been missing your posts! So sorry! xxx