Sunday, 22 April 2012

Cheeky Monkey In The Garden!

Well, OK , not a monkey but a cheeky squirrel. We've had to buy squirrel proof feeders as the poor birds weren't getting anything after Mr Squirrel had visited. We don't mind him having a little bit but he was running off with half a fat ball each time.

Yesterday I caught him climbing up the pole of the bird feeder

He then sat in the food tray and pulled the feeder towards him

And proceeded to scratch bits off the fat balls

So these feeders aren't quite squirrel proof but at least he had to work for his food. And there was a blackbird waiting underneath for the bits that he dropped

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  1. This is hilarious Kimbo!!! they are cheeky little things aren't they!!!. You will have to pop over to my blog and scroll down as I have been weaning 3 baby squirrels at home. The tree that their nest was in was cut down by some idiot and all 3 babies fell out. Luckily apart from scratches they were ok but Mum was no where in sight bless her. Well done you though for feeding those lovely birds. I do that everyday. Hugs Clare xxx