Thursday, 26 July 2012

Kusudama Flower Ball

This is another project that I saw at Kate Evan's DoCrafts demonstration a couple of weeks ago in Dorchester. I cut the squares out when I got home and started the folding but gave up after a few. Yesterday, I decided to sit in the garden and finish the folding. I must admit that for me it is one of those projects that once you've started folding and realise how much there is to do, you say never again. But now it's finished, I love it and I've started cutting the 60 squares for the next one. You can see that some of my squares were either not equal to start with or were folded unevenly but hey, flowers aren't always even either. For the next one I'm making sure that everything is right as I go along.

I've used Papermania Parkstone Pink papers and it took 4 12x12 sheets. The next one will be slightly larger using 4" squares instead of 3". I also think it may look nice with vintage buttons in the middle of the flowers so I'll have to see what I've got in my box that's suitable. There's a great tutorial HERE and HERE   if you want to have a go.


  1. Wow this is beautiful Kimbo!!!. They are stunning these origami flowers aren't they. I love them as a hanging decoration. My friend made a gorgeous Christmas wreath and wondered if you would like the link and maybe give that one a go I know it is very time consuming but so worth the end result. I think your's looks perfecr hun and love those paper's. Hugs Clare xxx

  2. Oh this is gorgeous, not sure I would have the patience to fold all those papers to make it.

  3. wow this is stunning beautiful :D

    xx coops xx

  4. Saw this on the forum Kim and it is fantastic must of taken an age to do.